All paintings are sold unframed.

Each painting is on masonite or plywood. Each oil or acrylic and oil painting is also available in a limited edition of 50 giclées (high-resolution digital copies), unframed, at $500 a copy.

"Hiram's Farm", SOLD


"Lovers", SOLD

"Siesta", SOLD

"Moonstone Beach" , SOLD

"Cows", Oil on Masonite (20x40) $1500

"View from Moonstone", $1250

"Route 46", Oil on Masonite (20x40) $1200

"Boardwalk", $900

"Tree", SOLD

"Shadows", SOLD

"Mountain Climber", Acrylic on board (15x20) $750

"Cambria", SOLD

"Holloween", SOLD

"Eucalyptus", $2500

"View from Hearst Castle (52)", $1750

"View From Hearst Castle", Oil on Masonite (20x40) $2000

" Fishermen", $1750

"View from my Window",  $1500

"Farmhouse", Acrylic on Masonite  (20x40) $1250

""San Simeon Cove", $1200

"San Simeon Cove", $1200

"Red Balloon", SOLD

"Hearst Castle in the Distance", SOLD

"Three Women", Acrylic on Masonite (15x20) $800

"The Cove", SOLD

"Eucalyptus Tree", Oil on Masonite (20x40) $700