Nehemiah Persoff began his acting career on the New York stage in "Galileo," starring Charles Laughton. Then followed "Richard III," starring Richard Whorf; "Tiger at the Gates," starring Michael Redgrave; "Peer Gynt," starring John Garfield; "King Lear," starring Louis Calhern; "Montserrat," starring Emlyn Williams; "Peter Pan," starring Jean Arthur and Boris Karloff; "Colombe," starring Julie Harris; "Flahooly"; "Reclining Figure," starring Mike Wallace; "Sundown Beach" and "Camino Real," both directed by Elia Kazan; and finally "Only in America," starring Nehemiah Persoff.

While working on Broadway he also appeared in live television. His work on television and film--45 feature films and over 300 guest starring roles on TV--is documented on the Internet at .

In later years, Mr. Persoff appeared on stage in Los Angeles and other points west in leading roles in "Rosebloom," at the Mark Taper; "The Dybbuk," at the Mark Taper; many productions of "Fiddler on the Roof" as Tevye; "Oliver" as Fagin; "Man of La Mancha" as Don Quixote; "Peter Pan" as Captain Hook; "I'm Not Rappaport" in San Francisco; "Cold Storage"; "Death of a Salesman" as Willy Loman at the Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, Ontario; and his one-man show "Sholom Aleichem," which he performed in many venues in the United States, Canada, and Australia. "Sholom Aleichem" won the Los Angeles Critics Award and the Bay Area Critics Award for best show and best performance of the 1979 season.